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A prompt response for ~ Inspiration Monday: Trick or Retreat


by John Yeo

    A cloudy sky frowned down on the soldiers as they took the fight to the natives. Colonel Grant made a serious mistake in the battle for the plain. The pony soldiers were heavily outnumbered The Indian tribes were massed in force, lying in wait in the hills. Smoke signals wafted high in the air as the Army approached.

  The prairie stretched out for miles in every direction as far as the eye could see. There was a line of low hills in the foreground. Scouts had returned with the information, the hills were riddled with the enemy and to everyone’s surprise at the foot of the hills, the Colonel ordered the army to retreat.

    “Retreat Sir?” Shouted his officers Riley and Miller in unison. “The men will be seriously demoralised if we turn tail and run!” Riley said, and Miller nodded in agreement.

  “Are you two questioning my orders, if so you are under arrest!” The Colonel motioned for his personal guards who led the two men away.

  The order to retreat was relayed along the line of the advancing troops. There was a noisy ripple of shocked surprise as the bulk of the army turned. The retreat was soon under way, as a line of dejected trained fighters turned and rode the other way. Soon there was just a cloud of dust where an army was once gloriously arrayed.

  There were whoops and harsh cries from the Indians as they rode onto the plains in pursuit, Shouting with new found confident cheers they raced after the retreating forces, loosing arrows in clouds and then taking aim with their spears they chased after the retreating forces in the open across the plain.

  Then to the amazement of the retreating force, a cry came swiftly down the line,

  “Charge! Turn and charge! Take aim and fire. Fight like you’ve never fought before! Take no prisoners. Kill or be killed.”  came the cry from the officers in command.

  The Indians were caught in the open, superior firepower won the day as the fight was soon over and the blood-soaked plain told a gruesome story.

  Colonel Grey was recognised as a hero who had won the day. “My strategy was to trick and retreat, then to retreat and to trick. I had no option but to trick or retreat.”

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