Mr Peacock and his wife run a medium sized Inn located in a seaport in New Zealand. The growing family are just about getting by on the profits of the Inn and their six children are in danger of going hungry.
  Along comes a speculator who paints a wonderful picture of a fertile tropical island which he can lay claim to and settle on with the family. Life would be so easy, they would be self-sufficient and he would own the island. In return he would find a buyer for the Inn and Mr Peacock would be able to buy supplies and fund the passage for the family.
  Excitement grows and the family finally arrive, on Monday Island. The stark reality of the sheer rocky cliffs and lack of anything except basics adds to the feeling of dread. Mr Peacock finds he has been cheated when he has opened the bags and boxes of supplies he purchased from the ship’s Captain and finds rotten foodstuffs and flour.

  The family slowly settles in and begIns to overcome these initial setbacks Trading vessels were few and far between, due to the location of the island and the landing difficulties.
  The ship that had dropped them off returned with six South sea islanders to help with the work. At this time Albert, their oldest son disappears. This disappearance and the mystery of the missing  Albert runs right through the book.
The six islanders work hard, settle and begin to slowly integrate. Much suspense and suggestions of racism and slavery run throughout the background of the story.
There Is a vivid description of the birth of the Peacock families seventh child, 

 There is a wonderful amalgamation of Biblical religion and the Mythic mysterious Islanders beliefs. There Is a rich vein of suspense running through the final chapters which makes this book unputdownable 
The culmination of the story is the solution to the mystery of the missing Albert. This leads to a shocking revelation with the finale to a brilliant well written story.

Written by John Yeo

(365 WORDS)


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by John Yeo

We have been here now for ten long years.
The sun rises daily in a clear blue sky
We are privileged to be here,
We have all we need.

Fish from the depths of a warm blue sea
Fruits of the earth are plentiful and sweet.
Cut off from the hustle and bustle of life.
Time passes slowly.

We rely on the boat for news and supplies,
The weather is usually kind and clear
Tornadoes or cyclones are threatened
Sometimes very near.

Our way of life is envied by many.
We are lucky to be living in paradise.
The grass is always greener over there.
Before the boredom sets in.

I would sit and dream of a carefree life
When on the beach passing time.
A life full of labour saving machines.
Cashpoints, the city and super cars.

Theatre, cinema and fast moving lives,
Clubs and shops full of luxury goods.
Fashion and interesting super malls,
With people everywhere.

Education, opportunities, time to save
Rushing from home to the office,
Mixing with folk from around the world.
Enjoying life to the full.

Then I would turn and look into your eyes
Stretch and leisurely take your hand,
Smile sweetly and say
“Perhaps we will book a holiday in the city.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved