This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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August writing prompts


by John Yeo

    Grandma Dragon owned the Red Dragon Inn, a busy dockside bar in Tiger Bay. It was said that she had inherited the bar through a family inheritance. Grandma was a tough cookie who didn’t stand any nonsense from any of the drunken sea salts who frequented her bar. In fact behind her back she was known to one and all by the shortened title of the Dragon. The lady in question had four sons who were mostly at sea, following dubious seafaring professions. There were six grandchildren constantly visiting Granny Dragon and keeping her busy.

    Widowed three times it was rumoured that her last husband had married her on the spur of the moment after a few drunken nights, then he’d absconded to sea and he’d never been seen again. The upshot of this short union was young Mary, who at sixteen years of age, was every bit as tough as her Mother. 

   Trouble broke out in the bar one evening when there was a vicious fight between two quiz teams who disputed the result of the bar quiz that featured every Wednesday evening.

   Apparently the Captain of a visiting team had sneaked a look at the answers. 

  Mayhem erupted, chairs were broken, heads were broken, the police were called and everyone except for the severely wounded disappeared. 

 Young Mary was the heroine of the evening as she bandaged up the wounded with towels until the ambulance arrived.  It was rumoured that most of the broken heads were the result of Grandma Dragon’s furious attempt to break up the fight using an old fashioned rolling pin from the kitchen.

© Written by John Yeo