This piece of Flash Fiction is  a story I conjured up based on this photograph of an interesting sculpture from among my illustrated souvenirs.


by John Yeo

 Ted Smith, was a renowned seer and futurologist, a man, they say, who could predict the future with incredible accuracy. Ted’s history was one of the checkered variety that made historians and members of the medical profession choke on their morning coffee.

 Ted had left school at fourteen, shunned by the teaching staff and his fellow pupils alike for his insistence that he could hear voices coming from below the ground. Voices that actually spoke to him and tried to warn him about events that were about to happen. Everyone laughed when he warned about wildfires, floods, and acts of chance that promised to kill many people in countries far away from where he lived, on the other side of the globe. 

 Ted had been in and out of mental hospitals and psychiatric institutions for most of his life, subjected to some of the most incredible cures for the insane that were ever invented, including electric shock, and aversion therapy, before anyone really took any notice of what the voices he professed to hear actually said to him.

 A renowned psychologist, Madeline Gentle began to listen and subjected him to some tests, simple at first. 

  Jokingly, one day before the famous horse race, the Grand National, Madeline said to him.

“Write down in the correct order the first three horses that will pass the winning post tomorrow”

 “Easy!” Ted replied and put his head to the ground then handed her back the piece of paper with the horses names listed. “There will also be a shocking flood in Bengal that will kill thousands.” He added.

  “OK! Now write down the name of the top three companies that will be most successful on the stock market tomorrow please.” Requested the doctor amiably.

  “Certainly!” Ted put his head to the ground and wrote three names on a piece of paper. “There will also be a wildfire in Australia that will cause much damage.”

 Sensationally every prophetic word came true. Ted was then feted and swiftly became renowned for his abilities. Much money was made from his forecasting abilities and the world began to take notice of his every utterance as many devastating phenomena were stopped before they began.

Ted began to relay much scientific information from the voices, including the incredibly simple free energy that was to become a boon to the world. Along with many new cures for a variety of cursed illnesses that had scythed down many of the finest minds that mankind had ever produced. 

 One very sad but remarkable day after having placed his head to the ground, Ted announced, “I have to say goodbye to this world as I am about to die!” There was a ripple of shock among his followers and the huge audience, he had attracted to his daily forecasting sessions.

  A man in the front row of the audience pulled out a gun and shot him dead. 

   “Death to the difference!” The man shouted as he pulled the trigger, before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger. 

 A Saint was born at that split second and St. Ted is worshipped and venerated in many corners of the globe to this day.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

HOLD The…………..

by John Yeo


Many passengers sharing a long-haul flight across the globe.
A darkened atmosphere.
Day turned into night.

An undercurrent of sound.
A babble,
A torrent of voices in a vacuum.
What is under discussion.

A flood of unidentified thought,
Mostly inconsequential,
Minds deprived.
Stimulus provided by a small screen in front of the eyes.

To a highly gifted sensitive mind,
Deprived of sensory stimulus,
Are these telepathic thoughts, voiced?
Or are they vocalised undercurrents?

Sitting in a cramped row of seats
In front of an illuminated screen,
Time drags on.
The sound continues unabated.
Sound delivered through a headset.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.