Volumes of Life

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Every second of our lives is recorded in the volumes in the Universal library. The angelic guide led me to my personal shelves. Many dusty leather bound volumes containing a record of every word I have ever uttered, every thought that has ever entered my head, recorded here in my own personal files. I nervously fingered a couple of these tomes and I muttered to the angel.

“I have made mistakes in my life, and certainly taken many wrong turnings, how do I get these expunged and removed from these comprehensive records?”

My spiritual guide replied, “Removal of the events that have already happened is of course impossible. My advice to you would be to strive for excellence in everything you do in the future,”

My mind was a turmoil of negative reactions to the sure and everlasting knowledge that  there are, and never have been, any secrets. Every action and thought, is recorded and stored eternally.

I said, “Then is there no forgiveness for even the most minor of our transgressions, destined to be forever recorded in this depository of past events”

“Forgiveness starts with you. Forgive yourself first, then others will find the example of the serenity and peace of mind that will flow from your inner strength”.

The cruel example of eternal forgiveness was a man ruthlessly slain, calling for universal pity and forgiveness.

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”

 I looked again at the many volumes containing the growth and changes in my life. Watching them slowly disintegrating and turning to dust.

I then realised that the books were a metaphor, the past was irreversible and unchangeable.

I found faith in the realisation that the end of my ever changing story was many, many volumes in the eternal future.


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