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by John Yeo

  Tommy and Billy passed an alley in town, a group of young men were standing in a circle shooting dice. The excitement was contagious and the two teenagers were drawn to watch. The two boys were intrigued and curious to be involved.
     “Hey! Have a try and score, this is an easy way to make lots of money.” said one of the players.

    “I haven’t got any money, only our Mummy’s shopping money, We are both running errands.” said Billy

  “Don’t worry! Use that. You are sure to double your money. I’ve only been playing a few weeks and I’ve been winning regularly. I’m Wolfie, I’ll look after you.”

 Tommy said to Billy, “No way brother, we could get into mischief here, you have Mums shopping to get and I have something belonging to our old Dad in my pocket that could help get us into trouble.”

 Billy knew what that meant, winked, then turned to Wolfie and said, “Wolfie, that’s an unusual name, could you show us how to play? We haven’t got much time or much money, but we would like to try.”

      “Well done,” said Wolfie, “Meet Foxy, we will show you the ropes.”
Wolfie and Foxy threw the dice a few times, to show the brothers how to play and a game was soon underway. Soon the boys were steadily losing and it came to Tommy’s turn to roll the dice.
Tommy suddenly slipped on the hard pavement and fell, everyone rushed to help him get up. No one noticed the sleight of hand as he swapped the dice for Daddies legacy.
A few minutes later the boys luck had turned and they had doubled their money.
       “Raise the stakes! I am on a roll, the dice are breathing and alive.” Tommy got very excited.

Wolfie and Foxy looked increasingly upset at this change of fortune. Sirens suddenly could be heard nearby and everyone ran away fast. Street gambling is illegal everywhere, and as the two villains were running away, Wolfie slipped on some dogs crap and a pigeon crapped on Foxy.

Tommy had the dice in his hand as the two brothers entered the local grocery store laughing.
     “Dad was smiling on us today, from on high.” said Billy, “Craps was definitely his favourite pastime.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Image from the net


Image from the net