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August writing prompts

Yellow bandana


by John Yeo

  The leader of the Harley crew was Gizmo Green, a man who worshipped his gleaming mean machine. He always wore his trademark yellow bandana over his mouth.This branch of the Hells Angels were devoted to doing as much good in the world as they possibly could. Their fearsome appearance in their leather motorcycle outfits was enough to put people off. Leave alone their long hair and unkempt beards which were enough to instantly breed suspicion in the minds of the police. 

 On the day of a horrendous accident on a major motorway the Hells Angels chapter were on their way to the coast to generally have a good time and raise hell. A train had been derailed from a line alongside the motorway. One carriage had landed upside down on the motorway blocking all three lanes. Scores of people were injured. The Hells Angels were able to get through the blocked lanes on their motorcycles and offer their help. The police and the emergency services were taken aback and the Angels were soon recruited to carry messages and ferry people away from the motorway. When things settled down the Hells Angels chapter roared off on their way to the coast.

  Some time later when the story got around everyone seemed to be searching for the wild man on a motorcycle wearing a yellow bandana. 

 © Written by John Yeo