2021 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 1 Today’s prompt is to write a correspondence poem. ~ . My method of communication was instant  when I arrived into this world.  I came in kicking and screaming.  My first method of making my presence felt. ~ My method of defence was naturally ingrained. when the school bully attacked. I began kicking and screaming. The only way I knew how to make my feelings felt. ~ Our courtship and wedding were blissfully happy. When our children were born   They arrived kicking and screaming. An inherited way to express the shock they felt. ~ I finally retired after long years of hard work My life was altered by a sad diagnosis I was silently kicking and screaming  As the bright light of my life was burnt out.   ~ My method of communication was silent when I left this world.  Silently kicking and screaming.  My final method of making my absence felt. ~ ©️ Written by John Yeo