First 50 Words~”Open the Windows”

Edith is bedridden, living in a flat in Hampstead, London. Every July she would instruct her visitors to open the windows. Edith enjoyed the beautiful music from the open air music concerts, coming from Kenward House. Sadly cancelled this year, due to heavy losses, we invested in a music player.~~~~~~~~~~~


First 50 Words~”Over the Hill”

The desert spread out in every direction, we were travelling along the well trod spice routes, to trade for valuable silks and spices.  Fierce winds, sand piled on sand forming dunes that  masked the rocky terrain. Our water supplies were low, we hoped an oasis was just over the hill~~~~~~

Written by John Yeo © All rights reserved

First 50 Words~ Wow, thanks

I was strolling through a beautiful flower-strewn field, towards a brilliant white light.

As if a cloud was looming above,  a voice seemed to come from afar shouting.  Wake Up! John come back!    

I opened my eyes. You were dead we saved your life.

Wow, thanks, I murmured. Very unsure.

 Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved

Velvet Verbosity~100 Words #380 – Clover

 The greenness of the  field of Clover took my breath away as I studied the field. The flowers had yet to form and the green Clover stretched all around the perimeter of my peripheral sight creating an emerald vista.  A vision of splendour.

 My Grandmother was dying from terminal cancer and she begged me to bring her a four leafed Clover. The legendary rare four leafed Clover is reputed to bring good luck and good health, to all lucky enough to encounter the magical power emanating from the four magical leaves.

A bluebird landed where I found the precious Clover.


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Picture it and write~ The Second Coming

This the latest picture prompt from Ermilia’s blog


By John Yeo

A round globe, a moon that spins gracefully in the emptiness of space. A light that dreams are woven from at nightfall.

A solidity that is taken for granted by association with the physical moon that lights up the night sky.

A moon-like entity came closer and closer to the planet causing uproar and panic among the dinosaurs all over the earth.

The round moon-like entity, composed of a strange substance, drifted to earth and landed among the high rocky mountains.

Then a lava-like substance, the life-force ,that had travelled across the infinity of the universe, just melted into a river.

The river of life then flowed gracefully to the sea, where new life took up residence in the waters that gave birth to all life.

Time passed and new life-forms crawled from the depths of the oceans to take residence on the land.


Written by John Yeo (c)~~All rights reserved

Credits for Picture provided by Ermilia ~

First 50 Words~Evacuate

To find oneself in a situation,
Where the object is not available
To fulfil the need for evacuation
Can be really quite uncomfortable.
To ponder the problem of the shortage
Of these objects for general use
People on high sit on the throne
Write poetry and generally muse.

Written by John Yeo (c)