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by John Yeo

He sees the world with unique eyes.

The eyes of youth, full of his personal view,

selfish to the point of careless.  

He is aware of his own perspective 

on the events in this uniquely individual world. 

Everything seems fine, no matter what, 

he always seem to survive.

Tomorrow is another day!

A day that never arrives they say.


Reality reflects a different view.

 A view from the outside looking in

Although he casts a long straight shadow

The stairs leading up shape another view.

Teetering on the brink of a downward fall.

 A fall that will certainly come 


A very fine balance indeed!

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Image supplied and credited by Emilia


by John Yeo

 Look here  youngster, I may be ancient, old fashioned and decrepit, but I have been along the trail and I survived. I got through the pitfalls and the side issues by trial and error, using my head and ignoring the wayside temptations.

 The trail is made up of a series of stepping stones, a well worn path that is bordered by much beauty and new experiences. The waysides of the main trail can easily lead the traveller along life’s road, astray.

 You are young, and you have a long way to travel.

Examine the stepping stones along life’s highway. Each is different, and has been worn in different areas. This represents the changing fortunes and broken hopes and aspirations of the journey. People leave, pass away, pass on, nothing is forever, eventually you will be travelling alone, exactly as you started. Nourish and nurture your close relationships, these will be important to you along the way. Eventually there will be nowhere else to turn to, and your closest friend will have been with you all the time, all the way.

The wayside can be an attractive place, new experiences, new excitements, new challenges. By all means youngster, stop and watch the flowers grow, there is no hurry to get to life’s next stepping-stone. Take advantage of your dynamics, take chances, but always take care of what you have, that which is important to you. Your fellow traveller, your closest and most enduring friend who cares for you and will continue to care for you every day of your life.

I know without thought, everything comes easy, the well worn path can be a boringly safe trail. There is more to life than you realise! There is no hurry to get to the end of the trail, another worn stepping stone will always be looming up on the horizon. Enjoy the journey, but take good care along the way. Smell the flowers and enjoy life’s nectar.

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by John Yeo

     “There you are Tabitha, hiding in a drawer licking your lips and contentedly purring. I have a bone to pick with you! Our lunch is on the kitchen floor and shows suspicious signs of catty tooth marks all over it. I wish you could explain yourself you greedy little minx! I ought to punish you severely, it is no good rubbing your furry little body up against my legs. We are going to have to eat out now, which I suppose is not such a bad idea.”

  An elongated hiss escapes through Tabitha’s prickly whiskers that if it was possible to translate would go something like this.

   “Now look here! I’m your furry friend not an intruder into my own home!

 I didn’t touch that cooked chicken you put on the table to cool down, although I must admit to a little boredom creeping into my diet. That splodge that comes out of those cheap cans you keep leaving on my plate is becoming increasingly tasteless.

  I am here to provide playful love and affection and allow you to stroke me and share our lives together. I must admit while I was trying to catch that elusive mouse that lives in our kitchen, I might have accidentally knocked that chicken on the floor as I was chasing the little blighter.  

   How it became nibbled is a mystery, I did pick it up with my teeth and a morsel or two might have come adrift that I cleaned up with a few licks.

I am shocked at your outrageous accusations.”

   Later that night after a wonderful meal with her significant partner, the lady of the house arrived home to find Tabitha still sulking in the drawer. Picking her up with a huge snugly hug, she stroked her soft fur and said.     

“Thanks to you we’ve had a wonderful night out at a posh restaurant and tasted some excellent food. I am going to let you enjoy the rest of the chicken, starting with the tenderest morsels.”

 Tabitha purred a special forgiving purr which if it was possible to translate would go something like this.

 “Thanks, I forgive you.”

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As usual the image is supplied and credited by Emilia

Today I thought I would combine my blog Post with an exercise in Writing Practice from here



Conditional Sentences

“A conditional sentence is a sentence that describes a hypothetical situation, like an action or event, and the result of that situation.

Confused? Here’s an easy way to think about it: a conditional sentence can usually use the words “if” and “then.”


Here’s an example: from me based on my Prompt response to follow

IF modern makeup is used in a Shakespeare play, THEN it can’t be called an authentic performance.


by John Yeo


A letter received by a would-be Hamlet.





Dear Sir.

 We are pleased to inform you that your application to play Hamlet in our current production has been successful. In view of your extensive past experience of playing this role, and the excellent performance you treated us to at the interview. Please report to the director at the theatre next Wednesday morning, where you will meet the rest of the cast.

Yours faithfully,


Wednesday at the Authentic theatre

“Hello Luvvies, wonderful to meet you all, I am here to replace your leading man, I hear he is not very well, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m William! I understand if we have a successful informal rehearsal first, then we can have a full dress rehearsal this afternoon.”

 “That’s right William, Grab a stool and start following the lines when we begin, you were very impressive during the interview, everyone was amazed at the way you read your lines from memory.”


    Later in the pub, the talk is all about the wonderful, trouble free rehearsal of the morning and the full dress rehearsal to follow, this afternoon.

 “William have another good home brewed stout! Sorry they don’t serve sack here, perhaps if we ask them to order some especially for you, then you can enjoy it while you are working here!”

  “Fine thanks! I won’t have another drink now. If I drink too much then I will be heady this afternoon.” Replied William.

 Back at the theatre, William is shown to the star’s dressing room. “Here are your costumes they are made to an authentic Elizabethan design. Good job you are the same build as our previous leading man. The makeup artiste will be along shortly.”

    “WHAT! I was under the impression this was an authentic production. Shakespeare would never have applied modern day makeup. I am not a circus clown man!  I would like to see the Director.” Shouted William irritably. “Get him at once!”

  “Yes Sir!” Said the stage hand.

 The Director arrived and was stunned to hear about this turn of events.

William shouted at him, before he could open his mouth.  “IF I am expected to have this muck applied to my face, THEN I refuse to play the part.

 I will refer this non-authenticity to the trades description department of the Lord Chancellor’s Office.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All Rights Reserved.




This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~20th January

https://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/picture-it-write-85/Ermilia's Angel

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

 There was an imperfection, I could clearly see where the scars were not healing properly. I paid a fortune to have every pore of my face re-modelled and re-sculptured. I am not happy with the results, my surgeon has made so many errors in the restructuring and rebuilding, I cannot help but shed tears for my former angelic appearance. Before I was assaulted by acid and  I was thrust screaming through the channel into the jaws of this rough cold heartless environment. My wings! I can clearly see them pictured when I look into the mirror, I can see them, but I am unable to feel them, it is almost as if the image looking back at me is not my reflection.

 I remember the pain, searing shocking pain, when the acid was thrown in my face. I screamed but I was unable to hear my own shocking screams of agonised pain. Then the reality of this horrific scarring. Deformed for the rest of my life, I can hardly bear to look in the mirror. I keep begging the surgeons to finish the operation, and bring my features back to some sort of normality. My surgeon says the operation has been a great success, but I can still see tiny little scars. The horrific realisation that I am never, going to look the same again, has changed my whole outlook.

 The routine in this section of the hospital is the only thing that breaks up the day for me. I have been transferred into this section under the pretext of a further period of rest and recuperation. I can’t understand why the doors are always locked and I am not allowed to go outside. The Doctors have taken all the mirrors away from me, I am not permitted to see my distorted reflection. My hair is now long, lank and unbrushed, I can’t wear makeup, as I am not allowed a mirror to apply any makeup.

Today I am going to be permitted to see myself as I really am. A very large mirror on wheels has been brought into the consulting room, covered by a blanket. My arms have been restrained with straps at the sides of the chair.

“Hello Coral! We are here to create a magical transformation. First we will reveal to you, your true appearance, then the Nurse will gently give you a tablet to enable you to sleep for a while, then, when you wake up, your normal beauty will have been restored.”

The blanket covering the mirror was suddenly removed. Looking back at me was an unkempt reflection of a plain dowdy woman, in shock. Yes SHOCK! I screamed and struggled to free myself from the restraints, without success. The Nurse gave me a drink of cloudy water with a ground-up tablet, I struggled and fought and screamed loudly as I attempted to get away from the horrific apparition that looked back at me from this mirror. The drug then took effect and I drifted into unconsciousness.

When I came to, several hours later, my memory of the past was a vague recollection of the horror of what seemed like a dream. As things became clearer, realisation set in, I leapt to the mirror that was still in my room and my spirits lifted, as if a dark curtain had been opened. I could see my normal self smiling back at me in complete recognition.

I must have been dreaming, or in another dimension of reality,  I  don’t know. What happened?

Why am I suddenly wearing wings?

Ermilia's Angel

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This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~20th January 201https://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/picture-it-write-83/


As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

    The wise man was a scholar of wide renown, he had written many books in his short life and had a high intelligence. It was said that his last lecture before he sadly passed away, contained many secrets of how he maintained his robust health and his extraordinary brain-power. The wise man swore by the hidden properties in his diet.

   “Fresh fruit and vegetables contain many micro nutrients to keep us healthy and wise. I am a firm believer in the effects of eating large quantities of oily fish to gain the benefits of the amazing properties of Omega 3 fish oils. I eat a lot of oily fish. Sardines and Mackerel cooked in many delicious ways. I can eat ten to fifteen Sardines in a single sitting. I believe that the accumulation of these oils and the micro nutrients will allow us to live longer and become more intelligent!”

    Six black horses, with black plumes pulled a black carriage to the church as the wise man went to his grave, with all due pomp and circumstance. Many people attended the funeral of this man who was respected around the world for his insight and judgement.

   Among the mourners along the roadside were a venerable retired couple, Jack and Lil, who had come to pay their respects. As the cortège passed them, Lil turned to Jack with a tear in her eye and asked, “How did he die?”

  Jack wiped away a tear and replied “He choked on a fish bone.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved.




This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~10th January 2016


Belle and Fleur

Belle and Fleur

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


  by John Yeo                                               

       Fleur and her sister Belle were both clever and pretty, always standing out from the rough and ready tough flowers that surrounded them in the garden. They were not really sisters however, although they were always together, always supporting each other from the outside unruliness that surrounded them. They lived in an unreal protected environment, built up over many months into a smooth comfortable fertile border.

  One day they were picked out from the mass of relentless, thrusting weather-beaten flowers, and placed in an impressive vase by the lady of the house. Water was provided, plant food was drip-fed into the vase, leaving nothing for our pretty captives to strive for.

  These were no ordinary flowers, and the pressure of this unreal existence began to build inside their stamens, and the energy began to boil up the water. Then one fateful day the stress cracked the vase and water gushed out from the shards of the broken vase, taking the life forces of Belle and Fleur into a new environment leaving the husks of their previous existence behind to be cleared away with the rubbish.

  The lady of the house blamed the cat.  

  Belle and Fleur mingled with the water to be re-circulated into the environment in their new existence.

 If two well balanced young people were picked to be removed from the rough and tumble of life, into a stress-free environment. The chances are they would break down the walls of the cushioned life and develop their existence with different characteristics.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~3rd January 2016



As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

   The tropical rainforest steamed as the heat and rain mingled to create the perfect growing conditions. The Professor and the team were on an exploratory expedition, to discover an almost mythical species of flora, that was rumoured to have extraordinary effects on the human body.

    The Chief native guide who had an unpronounceable name, was commonly called Chalky by one and all, due to his habit of wearing white zig-zags all over his body. On this day he approached the Professor. to parley.

       “We are getting close Boss! The plants are growing everywhere in the next wide clearing. Many spirits of our tribe guard this secret area. We will have to take care we do not tread on sacred ground.”

       “Of course! We will extend every due respect to you and your ancestors Chief. Mrs Mills, who funded this trip is keen to sample the amazing effects of these wondrous flowers immediately. I am here to take some seed and samples to reproduce the effects at home in our country.”

  The team crossed a broad river, over a rickety bridge, and were immediately confronted by a sea of yellow flowering plants that stretched as far as the eye could see.

    “Almost like a distant relation to our own dandelions. I believe dandelions are a useful diuretic if they are taken in vast quantities of dandelion tea.” said the Professor interestedly.

 The team quickly set up a camp on the edge of the clearing and began harvesting some of the roots, leaves and the yellow flowers.

  Chalky, the Chief, began to instruct the Professor’s assistant in the preparation of the plants, to produce the desired effects.

     Seventeen stone, Mrs Mills stepped forward, “I hope this works on me, I really need to lose weight instantly.”

The professor nodded, and reassured her that the effects had been working for centuries on these tribal people.

  The tribal shaman instructed Mrs Mills to lie prone on a stone altar and the prepared fluid was administered. Instantly water started gushing from every pore and orifice in her body. The shaman stepped forward and administered an antidote to stem the flow. Almost half of Mrs Mills body fluids had gushed away in seconds, before the antidote was administered.

   A very surprised Professor then exclaimed,  “Call the medics forward to examine Mrs Mills at once!”

A stunned Mrs Mills had lost a great deal of her body-weight almost instantly.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog ~ 20th

December 2015


Emilia Scissors

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

    Roger was a parish priest, who had many secrets entrusted to him by the congregation. His parish took in the local prison and many prisoners unloaded their secrets on to his broad shoulders. One day his code of ethics was put severely to the test.
  One eloquent embezzler, a lawyer who had been jailed for stealing funds from his client account, asked to speak to him. Then followed many interviews over a period of many months, as the prisoner took him into his confidence and confessed to many other unsolved crimes. Hiding behind the cloak of priestly confidentiality, the man’s claims seemed to get wilder and wilder.
  Nothing much had ever come anywhere near to shocking the priest before but this man’s confession penetrated his consciousness and affected him badly.
  Father Roger wrestled with his revulsion of what he was exposed to by this continuous stream of evil, and he requested a meeting with the prison governor, asking to be relieved of his position.
     “Why this sudden decision?” Asked the governor anxiously.

       “I am unable to reveal the real reasons, but suffice to say. I will be a changed man in the future!” the cleric replied.

   The governor nodded as the sudden realisation came across to him, that this was a professional man who was clearly at the end of his tether.
The priest went on to say to the prison governor;

        “Maurice, I feel as if I have been taking part in a revolting nightmare. I can’t believe some of the secrets that have been entrusted to me, even with my experience and my long period of training, I am profoundly shocked. I intend to go on a long retreat to expunge this evil from my mind. It is as if I have been playing a role in a disgusting movie. I need to take a huge pair of imaginary scissors and cut the last last few frames of this film, and tread the memories into the dust of the cutting room floor and destroy them forever.”
Then there was something of a role reversal, as the prison governor calmly said.
    “Go in peace and use your scissors with care!”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


This is a latest Picture it and Write prompt from Emilia’s blog ~ 29th

November 2015



Image Provided and Credited by Ermilia



by John Yeo

My name is Kate,
I am a healer now, I have my medical degree. I will say a fond farewell to my family and friends as my boyfriend, Marcus and I are journeying to Africa to take up voluntary employment with the Flying Doctor service. We have decided to take the opportunity to learn and practice medicine in this challenging and varied environment.
My Father and Mother are firmly behind our plans. Dad has always backed me in my wilder plans, from the memorable day I came home from school and announced I was taking up a new hobby.

Marcus was a bit dubious at first; “What about our future careers? “

“Don’t worry Marcus, I am sure we will be fine, with our self-reliance and skills, this will be very good for our future lives together.” I reassured him, with my fingers firmly crossed and a smile on my face.

Marcus and I settled into our new vocation, and experienced a wide variety of varied, and sometimes very sad situations . We had to work separately, although we were attached to the same team, we were working with separate pilots. We would meet up in the late evening and share some very precious weekends together.

One memorable day, I was approached by a young man, who appealed to me and begged me to go with him to look at his Mother, who had taken a fall. Contrary to all the warnings and advice from all concerned, I decided to examine his Mother, and I entered a hut to find a figure prone under a blanket. Suddenly another man leapt up and went to grab me as the first man suddenly lunged at me with an open-handed slap around my face.
The next few minutes will be relayed over and over in my thoughts and memories for ever. All my trained reflexes went into overdrive as I fought off these two men, and in the name of self-protection I had to break limbs on both men.
After I had got my breath back, I called the police and an ambulance and spent the next few minutes using my medical skills to reset their broken bones.

Oh! I forgot to mention my new hobby my Father had approved of, and encouraged me to take up, was martial arts and boxing.

Later the authorities were holding an investigation with a view to charging the two men with assault. I decided to drop all charges and let them go.
Everyone agreed they had probably learned a lesson, and punishment had already been severely administered.
My reputation went before me wherever I went after that incident, and the locals would be queuing up to see me.

Marcus and I were soon working together, when he obtained a pilots licence. We worked in Africa for three years sharing many hair-raising adventures together.


As usual the Picture is supplied and credited by Emilia

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.