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Blog Post 29th June 2020

  I opened our bathroom window this morning whilst I was shaving and I was surprised to see a muntjac deer racing across our lawn into our secret blueberry garden. Unfortunately I was undressed and unable to go down into the garden to investigate. Margaret was involved in her weekly online Weightwatchers meeting so I continued washing and shaving. I finished my morning ablutions and went downstairs; the first thing I did was to check around the back of the house where I had seen the deer disappear. To my delighted surprise, I found myself face to face with a beautiful muntjac deer. The deer was approximately ten feet away from me and we looked at each other warily. The deer had a beautiful face, with big appealing eyes and a pair of large soft ears that were pricked up in a state of wary curiosity. I reached for my phone to take a photograph and realised it was on charge. As I moved my hand the startled deer panicked and unsuccessfully tried to jump over the brick wall at the end of the garden. Then it somehow scrambled up a wooden fence at the side of the garden and escaped. I later took a photo of this strange pile of black round objects, Margaret went online and asked Google and discovered they were almost certainly muntjac deer droppings.

This photo courtesy of pixabay.com

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