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by John Yeo

  Stella Fergusson was a renowned interviewer for a popular daytime television programme . The lady was 6’ 3” in height and extremely thin; stick-like would be the description that first sprang to mind on meeting her for the first time. She had long auburn hair that was always piled high on top of her head, adding an additional 6” to her height, making her an exceptionally formidable looking lady indeed. Her choice of earrings was usually long hanging gold pendants that sparkled and set off her deep brown eyes.

  Stella had an exceptionally quick mind; quick to pounce on the slightest clue to enable her to get to the nitty-gritty of the subject she was relentlessly pursuing. Stella had such an incredible knack of asking her subjects penetrating questions, she became known as ‘Spilling Stella.’ 

 In spite of this formidable reputation, celebrities queued up to be interviewed by her and her show was avidly watched by thousands of regular viewers. 

   Sadly Stella suddenly discovered she was suffering from a serious flu-like condition. Slowly, she became extremely ill and finally she was rushed off to hospital where she was diagnosed with Covid-19. After a period in hospital she recovered somewhat and tried to resume her work on the show. Unfortunately long Covid set in and she suffered fatigue with the cognitive impairment known as brain fog that made a return to her normal self impossible.

 Spilling Stella made a final broadcast advising her regular viewers she would no longer be available to spill-the-beans finishing with the words. ‘Take care and Stay safe.’

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Image courtesy of pixabay.com